CM Punk, Jill Thompson and Marvel tag-teaming in 2012?

CM Punk is currently on top of the wrestling world; he's not only the current WWE champion, but he's also one of the WWE's most popular and most talented performers, both on the microphone and in the ring. So where do you go when you've conquered the squared circle? Movies? TV? Disneyland? In Punk's case, it might be comics.

Punk is no stranger to comics, as he talks about them on Twitter and was the subject of one of Marvel's Fightin' Fanboys segments. He also sometimes quotes the Thing's "It's clobberin' time!" on his way to the ring. Earlier today a series of tweets took the idea of Punk actually writing comics right to the top of Marvel Comics, ending with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso saying, "...let's make it happen."

It started with a tweet from John M. Coker, who asked Beasts of Burden artist and wrestling superfan Jill Thompson if she had attempted to recruit Punk to a write a comic she would draw:

Both Punk and Thompson said they were up for it, and comics creator Scott Ziolko (you can check out some of his webcomics here) suggested a character at Marvel they could work on together:

(Oh wow, the UCWF ... that brings back memories).

He also tweeted it to Alonso, who responded:

If the comic does eventually happen, Punk would join several other wrestlers, including Mick Foley, Kevin Nash and Raven, in making the jump from the ring to the comics page. Incidentally, Thompson also worked on several clothing designs for current World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, so that's two champions she's been associated with in the past few weeks. So if you're a WWE superstar looking for a push, forget Vicki Guerrero -- you could do worse than aligning yourself with Thompson.

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