Clugston-Major's 'Scooter Girl' races to comic shops in May

Official Press Release

[Scooter Girl #1]Since it was initially announced nearly a year ago, fans of Chynna Clugtson-Major have been eagerly awaiting the release of her new creation, SCOOTER GIRL. This six-issue miniseries is the first creator-owned work by the award-nominated creator to exist outside her ongoing BLUE MONDAY series. Unlike BLUE MONDAY, though, this romantic comedy-of-errors isn't part of a larger whole, but is a complete story unto itself.

SCOOTER GIRL is the story of Ashton Archer. Ash is the coolest guy at his school, and well-known amongst the hipster scene in his town. He's pretty much the guy other guys wish they could grow up and be-suave, smart, and successful with the ladies. Then one day, he sees a beautiful young girl on a scooter. It's Margaret, a new student at his school. He instantly wants to have her, but he finds that all his charms disappear in the presence of this otherworldly beauty. Before he knows it, his life is ruined. He doesn't have the girl or his social stature-and he won't give up until he's put himself back on top and won her heart.

"This comic has been a real labor of love," Clugston-Major said. "BLUE MONDAY is, as well, but the focus in that comic is on the overall lifeline of the characters. With SCOOTER GIRL, I wanted to do something that was completely funny and completely dark from start to finish, that took you from point A to point B and did so with reckless abandon. It's Rumiko Takahashi, Buster Keaton, '60s mod culture, old English drama, slapstick, teen sex comedy, black comedy-everything I love smashed into one gooey ball."

[Scooter Girl]"People have been perplexed about the long gestation period of this comic, as we've been talking about it for a while," explained editor Jamie S. Rich. "Chynna and I talked a lot about how to approach this. There would be a lot of things hanging on this-it's her first major work since we started BLUE MONDAY, and people would want to see that she could do it while also wanting it to be good enough to postpone BLUE MONDAY for a while. With it being one story, we also had a specific amount of information to impart in a certain amount of space, and so we decided spending more time writing it than normal was the best way to go."

"I think their plan paid off," added Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Chynna's work has grown in incredible ways with SCOOTER GIRL-from the way she puts a page together to her choice of narrative voice. There will be little doubt that this girl is a major comic book force, and that we've only seen a small fraction of what she is truly capable of. In ten years, her young fans will speak about her in the way her older fans speak about the Hernandez Brothers now."

"The hope is that if I'm having a blast doing the book, fans will have a blast reading it," Clugston-Major said. "SCOOTER GIRL has twisted humor, romance, and even a little bit of soul-searching and action here and there. I think it's a crowd pleaser in the best way a black comedy can be, like HEATHERS or something Peter Sellars might do."

Each of the six issues of SCOOTER GIRL is a 32 page black-and-white comic book that retails for $2.95. This comic is intended for mature readers. It's debut is scheduled to ship to comic book stores on May 7, 2003.

BLUE MONDAY fans should remember to be on the lookout for the NOBODY'S FOOL one-shot in February, and the debut of an all-new BLUE MONDAY miniseries in 2004.

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