Cloverfield Paradox Trailer Revealed, Debuts Tonight on Netflix

J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Productions have pulled another fast one on fans tonight with news that The Cloverfield Paradox will premiere on Netflix tonight after the Super Bowl.

The third chapter in the Cloverfield franchise, following 10 Cloverfield Lane, will act as a precursor to the 2008 debut film which saw a monster land in New York and wreck the city. Previously titled as The God Particle, the movie will deal with a space crew that finds itself in alien territory and what appears to be the catalyst for the creature landing on Earth. We can see a severed hand and a crew that's clearly in despair.

The Netflix description reads:

"Ten years ago, some thing arrived. Today, we know know why. THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX premieres on Netflix tonight after the big game."

Directed by Julius Onah, written by Oren Uziel and Doug Jung, and produced by J. J. Abram, The Cloverfield Paradox stars Daniel Brühl, Elizabeth Debicki, Aksel Hennie, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Chris O'Dowd, John Ortiz, David Oyelowo, and Zhang Ziyi.

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