Cloonan & Dillon's "Punisher" Is Like A Criminal-Targeting Jason Voorhees

Frank Castle returns from the "Secret Wars" trenches in a new series from writer Becky Cloonan and artist Steve Dillon.

While Cloonan -- currently writing "Southern Cross" at Image Comics and co-writing "Gotham Academy" at DC Comics -- is new to the Punisher, it's Dillon's return to a character he's been heavily associated with since 2000, and the first of his multiple acclaimed runs on "Punisher" with writer Garth Ennis.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Cloonan assures fans of the character that her and Dillon's series will present the Frank Castle that they're used to.

"[The Punisher] definitely falls waaaay outside of the realm of 'good guy,'" Cloonan said of the popular anti-hero. "He does bad things for good reasons, and we are constantly left wondering if the ends justify the means. (I'm not sure they always do, but that's just part of Frank's charm!) Chances are if the Punisher is coming after you, you've got no one to blame but yourself. If you are a criminal, the Punisher is basically Jason Voorhees."

As for whether this take on the character is a more family friendly version, Cooonan assures fans the opposite is true. "if you are a young child and enjoy 'Gotham Academy,'" she says, "you probably shouldn't be reading this 'Punisher' run."

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