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Clone Conspiracy Ends, Nick Fury’s Back & Steve Rogers Plots in February

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Clone Conspiracy Ends, Nick Fury’s Back & Steve Rogers Plots in February

As “Monsters Unleashed” continues to rampage across the Marvel Universe in February, the publisher will also debut a number of new series, kick off a variant cover program featuring art from one of comic and fantasy art’s all-time greats, continue “Inhumans VS X-Men” and more!

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Not only does the Cullen Bunn-scripted creature invasion continue to roll into the lives of Marvel’s heroes in a handful of new .MU one-shots, the writer is joined by Greg Land on “Monsters Unleashed” #2, and Leinil Francis Yu on #3. Elsa Bloodstone’s role in the event is further defined, the Inhumans apparently have ties to the event, and the villain behind the unprecedented influx of giant monsters across the globe is revealed.

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Magneto stands between the Inhumans and Muir Island in “Inhumans VS X-Men,” while Karnak battles Fantomex in a one-on-one fight; Magnus has formed a crew of Inhuman villains and discovered how to create game-changing Terrigen Crystals; and the evolution of Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s powers continues. Meanwhile, in “All-New X-Men,” a potential game-changer moment arrives when the time-tossed teenage Cyclops learns “the truth behind his counterpart’s quest to destroy the Inhumans.”

Bunn Confirms Death Of X’s Deadly Toll On Uncanny X-Men

Spider-Man’s “Clone Conspiracy” reaches its end with Issue #5, as the Jackal takes steps to defeat Spidey, Spider-Gwen and the Scarlet Spider once and for all. Meqanwhile, in “Amazing Spider-Man” #24, Peter Parker adds to his team of heroes facing down the cloning villain.

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Daredevil’s corner of the Marvel U gets more crowded as “Kingpin,” “Bullseye” and “Elektra” all launch new, solo titles in February. Wilson Fisk and Elektra Natchios’ new series are ongoing, while Matt Murdock’s psychotic hitman foe gets a limited run. And while Elektra and Bullseye’s stories kick off outside of New York City, all roads eventually lead back to Hell’s Kitchen…

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Joe Jusko provides his take on Marvel’s classic corner box art for February’s variant cover initiative. The legendary creator reinterprets the art of a number of all-time great comic book artists, including Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and John Buscema, for a series celebrating one of Marvel’s most beloved cover gimmicks of all time.

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Meanwhile, across rest of the Marvel Universe in February…

  • “Kang War IV” kicks off in “Avengers” #4, as the team takes it directly to the time-traveling villain with one of his own tactics.
  • Nick Fury returns in “Occupy Avengers” #4 — or does he? It looks like the former spy and leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., but the last we saw him, he was still stationed on the Moon and using the name The Unseen as he picked up where Uatu the Watcher left off.
  • The new leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. is revealed in “Captain America: Steve Rogers” #11, as Maria Hill’s court-martial left a power vacuum. Then, in Issue #12, the return of Zemo’s Masters of Evil is teased — and in “Thunderbolts” #20, the Cosmic Cube-fueled “Return of the Masters” kicks off. The celebration of the ‘bolts’ 20th anniversary also teases more information regarding Rogers’ plan for his former partner, the Winter Soldier, and the sentient Cosmic Cube known as Kobik.
  • Gwenpool decides Ms. Marvel, Nova, Spider-Man, Hulk, Viv Vision and Cyclops need her help — whether the young heroes want it or not, in “Champions” #5.
  • Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel debut a new look for Thor Odinson in “The Unworthy Thor” #4.
  • “Infamous Iron Man” #5 will answer the mystery of why the former doctor Doom has decided he is now destined to be a true hero. Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev also reveal the identity of a new “cosmic-level adversary” — will they have ties to Doom’s days as the ruler of, well, everything during “Secret Wars?”
  • How did Matt Murdock manage to erase the truth about his identity from the minds of the entire Marvel Universe? Charles Soule and Ron Garney tell all beginning with “Daredevil” #17, the first chapter of the ominously titled arc, “Purple.”
  • The events fueling Bendis and Michael Gaydos’ “Jessica Jones” ongoing spill over into the David Walker and Elmo Bondoc’s “Power Man and Iron Fist” as we finally see Luke Cage’s reaction to Jess’ departure.
  • “Darth Maul” #1 brings Darth Sidious’ apprentice to comics, revealing never before known secrets about the Sith villain’s past — and his first-ever encounter with the Jedi.
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