'Clockwork' creator gives birthday gift to charity

Paul Allor is turning 35 on Oct. 3, and he's celebrating by giving a few presents — to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The Hero Initiative. "It’s my birthday present to two of my favorite service organizations," Allor says.

The CBLDF helps defend free-speech cases involving comics, while The Hero Initiative provides a safety net for creators who are in need of financial help.

As Allor explains on his blog, between now and Oct. 3 he will give $5 to each organization for every copy he sells of the print edition of his anthology Clockwork. (The cover price is $15, and Allor is keeping $5 for expenses, which seems reasonable.)

Clockwork is also available for free online, so, as Allor points out, it's a no-risk proposition. The book is a collection of 12 five-page comics, each written by Allor and illustrated by a different artist, a group that includes Nikki Cook (DMZ) and Brett Weldele (The Light). Our own Tim O'Shea talked to him about it a few years ago here on Robot 6.

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