'Clockwork Angels' remastered

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Cyberosia Publishing announced today that they will release the re-mastered second volume of Lea Hernandez' "Texas Steampunk" series, CLOCKWORK ANGELS, this December.

When asked to describe her goals for the second graphic novel in the

series, creator Lea Hernandez, self-described "Graphic Novelist of

Lesbians Kissing On-Panel", said: "Having Temper and Amy, my Clockwork

Angels, kissing for the entire world to see was only one small goal of

many for CLOCKWORK ANGELS. I also wanted to write about the aftermath of a murder in a small town, especially since the consequences had not

quite been played out at the end of CATHEDRAL CHILD."

"Temperance, the Victorian psychic, and Amelia, her puzzling

ladyservant, had been hanging on the periphery of my Steampunk milieu,

waiting for their turn, and CLOCKWORK was it," continued Lea. "Once the

first two printings sold out from Image, it was my turn to wait, and

look, and wait, and LOOK for a new publisher. Cyberosia, a fine young

company willing to take a risk (as Image had five years ago), became

ascendant while I was on my hunt for a new venue for my books. Since

Cyberosia's publishing outlook hadn't yet ossified into a house 'style', I found their eclecticism welcoming to me and my girls and boys (CATHEDRAL CHILD), and serial killers (CLOCKWORK ANGELS), and Nikolai Tesla (upcoming in IRONCLAD PETAL). Right now, with my books at

Cyberosia, I am in my Happy Place."

"We're happy to have Lea working with us," said publisher Scott O.

Brown. "Her skills as a storyteller are amazing, and her enthusiasm for

the medium is tremendous. Lea has been a pleasure to work with, and

we're overjoyed to be adding CLOCKWORK ANGELS to our stable of award

winning and critically acclaimed graphic novels and books."

With an introduction by Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, PLANETARY), and all new commentary by Lea Hernandez, CLOCKWORK ANGELS (ISBN

0-9709474-9-6), the second in the 'Texas Steampunk' series of graphic

novels, will be available this December. Clocking in at 120 pages, it

will retail for $10.95 and feature the same degree of re-mastering as

the recently re-issued CATHEDRAL CHILD.

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