Cloak & Dagger S2 Gives Its B-List Marvel Villain a Killmonger Makeover

Cloak & Dagger Season 2 will be Mayhem.

When Detective Brigid O'Reilly clawed her way out of a swamp with superhuman speed and yellow eyes in the Season 1 finale, the show promised the rise of a new anti-hero. During a set visit attended by CBR, showrunner Joe Pokaski and star Emma Lahana offered a preview of what's the come when O'Reilly and her deadly alter-ego resurface on the show.

The character is "definitely grounded emotionally, but there are some irresistible elements in Mayhem we couldn't help but check out. I mean, even when you look at the first shot of Emma [Lahana] in the first season, we're on her fingernails, and fingernails are going to be a big deal and we had a lot of fun kind of working it out with Emma as to how her fingernails reflected what kind of mood she was in," Pokaski teased.

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"We always want our villains relatable. Again, I really liked what they did with Killmonger. I think Marvel villains, in a lot of interesting ways, are great because they're identifiable at certain points," he explained. "At certain points, I thought Michael B. Jordan did such a great job and I was like, 'He's right! He's right. You should listen to him.' We want to keep our villains as human beings as well. I think it just makes it more interesting, and then the arguments feel real instead of, 'Let's destroy the city' vs. 'Let's not destroy the city.'"

"In general, what we try to do is make sure we're leaning into the strengths of the story we're telling. We're leaning into the strengths of the actors we have. I cannot speak highly enough about what Emma Lahana can do," he said of the Mayhem actor. "I'm just -- every time -- the same can be told with, you know, Aubrey [Joseph], Olivia [Holt] and Gloria [Reuben], but every time we say, 'Now we're going to kill your boyfriend in a fridge and you're going to freak out and cry and not talk the whole episode and then get beat up and we're struggling to root for you,' she does it, so I think all I can say is that we've got high hopes for Mayhem and we keep setting these crazy bars and she keeps leaping over them. A lot of the things that the Mayhem character does are going to surprise the crap out of you."

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