Cloak & Dagger: Roth Reacts to That Shocking Death, the Roxxon Case's Evolution

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Call/Response," the latest episode of Cloak & Dagger.

The Bowens have just suffered another tragedy. In "Call/Response," the latest episode of Cloak & Dagger, Melissa's lawyer boyfriend Greg was killed and his practice torched as Tandy looked on in horror. As Tandy approached his building, she witnessed a maintenance worker shoot him point blank in the head, then douse the office with lighter fluid and light a match. She returned home immediately, only to overhear her mother Melissa leave him a heartbreaking message, unaware of his shocking demise.

Speaking to CBR, Cloak & Dagger star Andrea Roth teased Melissa's reaction to Greg's death -- but don't expect to see it on screen right away. According to Roth, she "may end up being in the dark about that for a bit." Nevertheless, Tandy and Melissa will soon learn "there is very much something to this Roxxon case," even if they found out the hard way. Roth also offered some insight into the way this will change Melissa's relationship with Tandy and hinted that her character may meet Tyrone "Cloak" Johnson before long.

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CBR: Let's get right to it. Greg suffers a pretty shocking demise at the end of tomorrow night's episode. How quickly will we see the fallout affect Melissa?

Andrea Roth: I don't expect it to be that quickly. I think she may end up being in the dark about that for a bit. Yeah, I think that that's going to take a while for me to deal with the fallout of that.

Judging by some of Tandy's snide remarks, Melissa has had a fair few men walk in and out of her life. Can you tease how Greg's sudden absence will impact her?

Well, I think that -- unbeknownst at first to Tandy -- Greg is actually a good guy! You know, he seemingly loves me for the right reasons, as you know. When Tandy catches him and she sees his hopes, I think it's also a turning point for her that, wow, her mother is actually with somebody that has good, full, right, loving intentions. I'm sure, in certain ways, it probably is confusing, but probably would make Tandy very happy that possibly I'm on the way to some sort of healthy relationship.

[Greg's disappearance], obviously, could go one of two ways. I can either sink into a deeper abyss than I've already been in, or maybe it will be the catalyst that sort of wakes me up. Because I'm also, as I'm about to discover, that there is something to this Roxxon case and obviously, what's all happening, we are all getting a little bit close to something they don't want us to find out.

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