Cloak & Dagger's Olivia Holt Shines a Light on That Major Mayhem Twist

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the Cloak & Dagger Season 2 premiere.

In the Cloak & Dagger Season 2 premiere, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson learned a terrible truth about Brigid O'Reilly. As it turns out, the diligent detective was split into two entirely different people after she was shot and tumbled backwards into the swamp. Now, Brigid must contend with her demons and her trauma to face down Mayhem, her murderous other half. This is also sure to throw a wrench into Tandy and Tyrone's crusade to stop a human trafficking ring that threatens the women of New Orleans.

Speaking to CBR, Tandy actor Olivia Holt weighed in on that massive Mayhem reveal and what it means for Season 2. She explained how she found out about the twist, why her character will feel drawn to Mayhem and how the series accomplished the special effect. She also discussed Tandy's evolving powers, the personal nature of Season 2's conflict, her "special" relationship with Tyrone and more.

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CBR: Let's start with Tandy's powers. In the premiere, we see them start to expand. How does that continue to develop as the show moves forward?

Holt: Oh, it develops. [laughs] I mean, we're not just, you know, manifesting light daggers anymore or touching people to see their hopes. We're pretty light energy bombs. Really diving into the action. I mean, they both are... on a whole new level with their powers. I think a lot of it stems from what they're feeling and how their emotions are taking over what they should do with their powers. I think that's what's really interesting. We're watching them for the first time create these certain abilities, and it's pretty cool. It's intense.

Over the first two episodes, Tandy really struggles with her anger and where to put it. What inspired your approach to this?

I think what we're doing with this season, you know, we're talking about what is happening not just behind the community of New Orleans but what's going on in America, in the world. We're focusing on human trafficking. I realize it's a heavy topic, but it's also something that I think needs to be talked about -- and not just talked about, but also needs to be acted on. The fact that Tandy is going in on this situation and not shying away from it and actually taking action. I mean, she doesn't know quite how, but that's Tandy. Dives headfirst into a situation. I think, you know, she feels for these girls and she's going to do anything and everything she can to stop it.

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