Cloak & Dagger Puts a New Twist on a Classic Marvel Villain

Cloak and Dagger

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the Cloak & Dagger Season 2 premiere.

Mayhem is here. In "White Lines," the second part of the Cloak & Dagger Season 2 premiere, the venomous anti-hero arrived -- but she was far from what fans expected. Instead of appearing as Detective Brigid O'Reilly's murderous alter-ego, Mayhem is a separate character altogether.

Since Detective Connors shot her in the Season 1 finale, Brigid has struggled to recover from the trauma. Worse, during the events of the Season 2 premiere, Tyrone Johnson inadvertently botched her investigation into New Orleans' local gangs when he stole from them. She tried to rectify that by organizing a sit-down with a neutral mediator. However, the meeting went very wrong; someone interrupted and killed every mobster in the room. When Tyrone and Tandy Bowen informed her of this, she called the murders in anonymously and left to drink her sorrows away at a local bar, ignoring multiple calls from her boss all the while.

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Eventually, she stumbled out of the bar and doubled over on the sidewalk. As she stared into her own reflection in a puddle, another face appeared over her shoulder -- and it was a twin of her own. "Pathetic," Mayhem, her doppelganger, said. "Look at yourself. Look at yourself! Just absolutely pathetic... I always knew that you were weak. Just a scared girl pretending to be brave, pretending to be police. Well, you've had your chance. It's my turn now."

In her next scene, Mayhem turned up at the scene of the crime and suggested only one person committed all of the murders. When her fellow officers scoffed at the idea, she followed her next lead, which led her to intimidate one gangster's family. Because of her harsh methods, she got the information she was looking for. She followed the tip to a salvage yard that served as a home to a squadron of private ambulances, where she found Tandy, who was searching for information about the people who kidnapped her friend Mikayla. Together, they captured Mikayla's abductor.

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Meanwhile, Tyrone headed to Brigid's apartment with some urgent information. When he turned up, he heard her struggling on the other side of the door and teleported himself inside, only to discover her bound and gagged. "We have to get out of here," she told him as he freed her. "She's coming back." When Tyrone asked who she was talking about, she replied, "Me. We're in danger, Ty. You, me and Tandy. She knows what I know. That puts us all in danger."

On that dire note, Tyrone teleported them both to Tandy's last location. Tandy was shocked to see Brigid, to say the least. They ran over to Mayhem just in time to watch her kill the kidnapper. Blood splattered all over her face, she stood and came face-to-face with her lookalike. "Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag," Mayhem said with a smirk, and the episode came to an abrupt close.

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