Is Cloak & Dagger's Det. O'Reilly Doomed to Become a Marvel Supervillain?

"As the gas spread through my system, Cloak swept me into darkness and Dagger filled me with her light. All the elements combining in that instant caused me to be reborn as Mayhem," she explained to one of her betrayers, just before paralyzing him. According to Cloak, "Her love of the law died with her... Mayhem and we are now sprung from the same mold," to which Dagger added, "Mayhem's form of retribution leaves no room for rehabilitation." Following her transformation, O'Reilly abandoned all the principles she clung to as a cop, becoming "the ultimate vigilante."

Indeed, Mayhem was willing to put Cloak and Dagger down on her way to her revenge. She came to blows with them and eventually caused the death of her betrayer, crying, "We both served the law once, Falcone! Now neither of us do! I was your victim -- now I am your judge, jury and executioner."

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Nevertheless, Mayhem eventually joined forced with Cloak and Dagger to stop the drug shipment once and for all, thus completing her quest for revenge. With her help, Cloak and Dagger were able to publicly uncover a crime family and stop the narcotics from reaching their intended sellers. The vigilante duo subsequently left New York to find the source of the shipments, while Mayhem opted to stay behind in New York to terrorize evildoers. She has not been seen since.

In the show, of course, O'Reilly has shown shades of her comic book counterpart. As in the source material, Freeform's O'Reilly has pure intentions and a proclivity for upholding justice. For instance, she realized something was off about her stabbing case and saw Tandy as someone in need of help, rather than condemning Tandy without digging into the circumstances. She will also likely tackle the corruption in her department, since she immediately picked up on Detective Connors' shady behavior. However, it's yet to be seen if she will suffer a fate like her comic book counterpart. If the comics are any indication, though, her future is Mayhem.

Airing Thursdays at 8 pm ET/PT on Freeform, Cloak & Dagger stars Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen/Dagger and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson/Cloak, as well as Andrea Roth as Tandy’s mother Melissa Bowen, Gloria Reuben as Tyrone’s mother Adina Johnson, Miles Mussenden as Tyrone’s father Michael Johnson, Carl Lundstedt as Tandy’s partner in crime Liam, James Saito as Dr. Bernard Sanjo and J.D. Evermore as Detective Connors.

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