Is Cloak & Dagger's Det. O'Reilly Doomed to Become a Marvel Supervillain?

Following her debut in Cloak & Dagger's second episode, Detective Brigid O'Reilly has made quite the impression on Tandy Bowen. Unlike most people in Tandy's life, O'Reilly wants to help her, for no reason other than it is the right thing to do. However, O'Reilly's pure intentions may not stay that way for long. If her history in the comics is any indication, she may find herself a super villain -- or, at the very least, a vigilante with gray morals -- before long.

O'Reilly entered the scene in 1983's Cloak and Dagger #1 as a decidedly anti-vigilante detective. Though she shared a goal with Cloak and Dagger, they had decidedly different methods. Cloak and Dagger were comfortable using any means necessary to clean up the streets; O'Reilly, however, worried about the rule of law and the possibility of innocents getting injured in the crossfire.

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In her debut scene, O'Reilly interrogated a handful of drug dealers, who were the victims of Cloak and Dagger. After learning Cloak and Dagger's MO, she was able to track a handful of their other attacks, leading her to contemplate their methods. She quickly arrived at the idea that, while their intentions were good, they were going about it all wrong.

Soon, O'Reilly found herself in Cloak and Dagger's crosshairs. After following two teens who were swooped up by drug dealers, O'Reilly burst in one one of Cloak and Dagger's stings. When the drug dealers saw Cloak and Dagger, they immediately opened fire; Cloak was able to absorb some of the bullets in his interdimensional cloak, but a stay bullet struck one of the teens, instantly killing him.

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When the dust settled, O'Reilly told them they were under arrest, since they were "partially responsible for the death of this boy." While Tandy was distraught over the casualty, Ty showed no remorse, calling himself a survivor. This enraged O'Reilly, who said they were "no better than the scum you punish."

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Nevertheless, when Cloak and Dagger came to her for help stopping a murderer, she obliged. Thanks to her intel, the vigilante duo tracked the murderer down -- and got to the scene before she could. In the ensuing fight, Ty sucked the man into his cloak, much to O'Reilly's dismay. Though Ty insisted he brought the murderer to justice, O'Reilly had a different word for it: "Horror."

Cloak and Dagger fled the scene after this confrontation, but that didn't deter O'Reilly. She decided to go after the vigilante duo with a handful of silver bullets. After a quick visit to Father Xavier Francis Delgado, though, she confessed she "was glad he got what he deserved, but that's why the law exists... to make sure one objective notion of justice supersedes all of our individual ideas of retribution." Thus, she believed it was up to her to bring Tandy and Tyrone to justice.

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