Cloak & Dagger EP Teases Classic Comic Book Villains for Season 2

There's a lot more coming to disrupt the lives of Tandy and Tyrone in Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, showrunner Joe Pokaski warned viewers in a new interview with Syfy Wire. As the first season builds to its climax, anticipation for what comes next has been growing steadily, and it looks like there will be enough surprises to satisfy everyone.

Seven episodes of the ten-episode season have now aired, and one indication that the story is gaining momentum is that the two main characters are beginning to spend more time together. The initial distance between Tandy and Tyrone sets the TV adaptation apart from the source material, and affects the pacing of the show in a way that the audience didn't necessarily expect, particularly after the mythology established that the characters' powers are linked in a way that creates a bond between them.

When asked about the narrative choice to separate Cloak from Dagger, Pokaski replied, "I think the important thing for us was to make sure we understood them as individuals. What we wanted to do was make sure we understood what they were dealing with by themselves, so we could really appreciate why they needed each other. I felt like that was an update that the books might have needed."

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The characters in the show may not yet have embraced their identities as superheroes representing the balance of light and darkness, but the parallels and contrasts in their lives have been emphasized heavily in visual metaphor as well as in their individual development. Pokaski noted that this was intentional, and pointed to the example in the sixth episode, in which both characters meet someone who symbolized who they could have become if not for their pasts.

With this focus on the real world rather than costumes and monsters, it may seem that the comic book origins of Cloak & Dagger are left behind, but Pokaski had a few more intriguing things to say about the structure of the first season and beyond. Perhaps most surprising is that we may have already seen one of the comic's most notorious villains, the dark sorcerer Mister Jip: "You didn't see him in episode six?" he teased. "It's possible you did." He pointed to a scene in the episode in which Tyrone uses his power to bring out another young man's fears, and finds a shadowy monster lurking in the forest of his mind.

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"I have a feeling if we're lucky enough to have a season two, a lot your favorites will be making appearances," said Pokaski. He also talked about a subject close the hearts of many comic fans: costumes. "I think we are going to have one out of two fantastic comic book costume origins by the end of the season...I want to make sure that they happen so gradually that it never seems like all of a sudden someone is throwing latex on."

Hints about the next season are exciting, but at this point there are still the final three episodes of the season to look forward to. Pokaski's comments suggest that the comic book flavor is already increasing for the final arc: "Hopefully it will be our act 3 superhero moment where everything we've seen emotionally gets a little stronger in the context of the genre."

Cloak & Dagger airs on Freeform, Thursdays at 8 pm ET/PT, and stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph as well as Andrea Roth, Gloria Reuben, Miles Mussenden, Carl Lundstedt, James Saito, and J.D. Evermore.

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