Cloak & Dagger: Series Cast Photos, Profiles Released

With a little under two months to go until Cloak and Dagger premieres on Freeform, Marvel has unveiled a new batch of character portraits, as well as more information regarding the core cast.

The new photos and descriptions can be found in full below:

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Leading the series are Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt, who play Cloak and Dagger, respectively. Holt's Dagger, like her comic counterpart, once enjoyed a privileged life until a natural disaster took that all away. Meanwhile, Joseph's Cloak wants nothing more than to prove he is fearless. When the two come face to face in their teens, their lives are forever changed.


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While Holt's Tandy Bowen and Joseph's Tyrone Joseph are admittedly the center of Cloak and Dagger, the show relies on its supporting characters to help tell the Shakespearean-inspired story of the powerful duo. So, it should not be surprising that both Tandy's mother and Tyrone's mother will play significant roles in the story being told over the course of the first season.

Along with Tandy and Tyrone's mothers, audiences will also get to know their fathers, who will come to play their own important roles in the story of their children. Of course, as previously teased by the pilot's director Gina Prince-Bythewood, we know that Tandy's father's fate is sealed by the episode's end. However, Tyrone's father, Otis Johnson, played by Miles Mussenden, is still very much around and looking to keep his family safe, all while mourning an important loss.


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Also vital to the first season is Emma Lahana's Detective Brigid O’Reilly. Lahana, of course, was first revealed to have joined the cast during the show's WonderCon panel earlier this year. It was not until today, however, that fans learned just who she is playing.

Arriving with a two-episode premiere on June 7 on Freeform, Cloak & Dagger stars Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen/Dagger and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson/Cloak, as well as Andrea Roth as Tandy’s mother Melissa Bowen, Gloria Reuben as Tyrone’s mother Adina Johnson, Miles Mussenden as Tyrone’s father Michael Johnson, Carl Lundstedt as Tandy’s partner in crime Liam, James Saito as Dr. Bernard Sanjo and J.D. Evermore as Detective Connors.

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