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April 14, 2004 Unadilla, NY - Sirius Entertainment proudly announces that Voltaire, the creative force behind this month's DEADY THE MALEVOLENT TEDDY release, has packed his newest comics project front-to-back with guest artists, both rising superstars and established legends in the field. Featuring guest artwork and scripts from Mark Wheatley, Junko Mizuno, Clive Barker, and many others, DEADY promises to surprise fans with much more than was originally advertised.

Of the collaborations Voltaire says, "Deady is the first character I've ever created that I could describe in one sentence! The idea of a little guy who is really cute yet really evil is something we can all relate to (especially if you have kids!). It's such a universal concept that I really wanted to see what other artists would do with him. But moreover, it was just a great excuse to work with people whose work I am a big fan of!"

Voltaire is renowned not only as the creator of OH MY GOTH and CHI-CHIAN, but also throughout the entertainment industry as a successful stop-motion animator and recording artist. When the time came to flesh out DEADY, a graphic novel starring an adorable yet deadly teddy bear, Voltaire approached numerous creators, especially those involved in the horror and goth genres. Within a mere couple of months, Voltaire assembled an interesting batch of guest stars for DEADY.

What happens when an animated monster crosses paths with an animated stuffed animal? Mark Wheatley, co-founder of the innovative Insight Studio, explores the concept in a 3-page DEADY crossover with his critically acclaimed and immensely popular creation, "Frankenstein Mobster" (IMAGE)

Keeping with the cute and lovable theme of DEADY, Voltaire recruited rising Manga superstar Junko Mizuno, famous for her adorable yet nightmarishly subversive interpretations of children's fairy tales, Cinderella and Hanzel and Gretel (VIZ). Mizuno provides a psychedelic pin-up of Voltaire's lethal teddy bear, posing with one of her sexy nurse characters.

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment for DEADY is Voltaire's collaboration with renowned horror writer Clive Barker, the creator of "Hellraiser". The notion of working with Barker is a dream-come-true for Voltaire, a decades-long fan. Their collaboration came to pass after a recent interview posted on Barker's website, wherein the master of horror cinema stated of Voltaire, "The man is a god!" Barker followed the high praise with his desire to work with Voltaire, who jumped at the chance.

The final product features a 5-page parody of "Hellraiser," scripted and illustrated by Voltaire, in which the deadly teddy mocks the demonic Cenobites. Clive Barker scripted a story illustrated by Voltaire to follow immediately thereafter, entitled "The Waiting Room," in which Deady has a nightmare of being terrorized by a bloodthirsty doctor. The opportunity to playfully get revenge for the parody is certain to appeal to Voltaire's sophisticated fanbase.

Other notable guest appearances include Robert Tritthardt, the New Orleans-based creator of the popular underground goth comic "Writhe and Shine," and the creative team of Che Gilson and Jimmie Robinson, known for the slick AVIGON graphic novel published by Image Comics. DEADY will feature interaction between Voltaire's malevolent creation and the main characters from "Writhe and Shine" and "Avigon."

In DEADY THE MALEVOLENT TEDDY, the galaxy's greatest evil escapes confinement on its homeworld and heads for Earth, possessing a discarded teddy bear along the way. Originally designed for a successful line of T-shirts, this cute and cuddly killer has already crept into the hearts and minds of Voltaire fans, as thousands of shirts have been sold to Hot Topic and comic retailers.

Sirius Entertainment, Inc., founded in 1994, is a creator-driven publishing company that has introduced a succession of groundbreaking properties in the field of comic books and related products. The company manages marketing and licensing of such popular titles as AKIKO, BANZAI GIRL, DOGWITCH, POISON ELVES, and SCARY GODMOTHER.

For more info on DEADY visit www.voltaire.net

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