So far, CBR's special week covering the May relaunch of Titan Magazines' comics offering "CLiNT" has brought an interview with the mag's superstar editor Mark Millar, a peek behind the scenes at the incoming feature "Death Sentence" and a view inside the depravity of comedian Frankie Boyle's "Rex Royd."

To wrap up the week in style, we're happy to present an exclusive first look at the 48-page preview of the magazine that highlights the biggest features of "CLiNT's" past and its future. Click below to see some of the biggest comics-related feature content from the magazine's first year including blowout interviews with Robert Kirkman and his Skybound collaborators, Dave Gibbons and Millar on "The Secret Service" and more as well as all-new previews for the incoming "Death Sentence" and "Rex Royd" stories serializing each month in "CLiNT."

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