Clib's Boy Comics Solicitations for product shipping October, 2001

Official Press ReleaseTRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD: MAGICby Tom Beland40-page black-and-white comic . $2.95; $3.95 in Canada . MATURE READERS . Printed at Quebecor/RonaldsAvailable through Diamond Dist. See August issue of Previews.

California cartoonist Tom Beland is given a free trip to the Magical Kingdom in Orlando from his editor and winds up meeting the girl of his dreams, Puerto Rican radio personality Lily Garcia. In this issue, Tom drags himself from his hotel room so he can go to a free concert featuring Stevie Wonder. He meets Lily at a bus stop, they say hello, and become inseperateable through the rest of the evening.

Based on the popular autobiographical strip, TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD, this book is about what happens when you roll the dice and let fate take its course.

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