Cleveland Browns Player Debuts Epic Dragon Ball Z-Inspired Visor

Fandoms are comprised of people from all walks of life, and athletes and celebrities are no exception. In fact, a certain defensive end for the Cleveland Browns recently showed his love for his favorite anime.

Myles L. Garrett debuted a new Dragon Ball Z visor featuring Gohan and Goku, with the father and son team in Super Saiyan form while preparing to attack. Garrett must have his team's approval, as the Cleveland Browns shared photos of him in his visor on their official Twitter account.

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Garrett first donned the visor during Saturday’s Orange and Brown Scrimmage at FirstEnergy Stadium. For the first two years of his NFL career, he avoided using a visor, but we can see he eventually gave in to the trend.

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"I got a [couple of] nice looks about it..." Garrett told WKYC 3. "People were congratulating me for finally moving to the visor game. I liked it. It didn’t really bother my game, and it felt like I was in a different realm inside of it. It was dark, but it wasn’t too dark. I felt a little more focused, and I might stick with it. We’ll see."

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