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February 2002: British comics publisher com.x will ship their 4th new title - Cla$$war - a gritty, superhero-based anti-government polemic, from the pen of writer and journalist Rob Williams.

Due to its subject matter and as a mark of respect, Cla$$war was put back after the September 11th terrorist attacks on America. Now, five months on, this eagerly awaited 6-part series, is finally being released and is expected to further endorse the importance of comic books as part of popular mainstream culture.

"com.x are sure to prove that they can whip the Yankees and become Britain's DC Comics." Francesca Gavin, Dazed & Confused

Cla$$war is the story of a team of super-powered American heroes code-named Enola Gay. Created by the US government Enola Gay are instruments of American foreign policy and are used to keep the world in line. Since Kuwait, Enola Gay has acted as the front line for American forces around the globe. Helping to bring order to a chaotic world and dealing with domestic troubles such as the L.A. riots and the siege at WACO.

But, all is not well. AMERICAN - the figurehead of the team - has gone AWOL and poses a threat to the president and a major security alert to the world. But why? What has happened to make this level-minded super-human take such drastic action? How can the US government make one of their weapons comply without exposing some of their shadier deals?

Writer and Creator, Rob Williams, a contributor to GQ, SFX and Total Film was influenced by political writers and artists like Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Bill Hicks, Billy Bragg, Public Enemy, Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn and great comic writers like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Frank Miller. "I'm fascinated by the whole whistle-blower, conspiracy deal in books like Chomsky's Class Warfare and Woodward and Bernstein's All The President's Men." says Williams.

Cla$$war was illustrated by renowned comics artist Trevor Hairsine who has been working solely for com.x between their London studio and his Sheffield home. Hairsine, an ex-2000AD artist, has been working on Cla$$war with Williams since September 2000. The stunning graphics are already being highly acclaimed by the few media who have seen early proofs of Cla$$war:

"Jaw-droppingly good action sequences" ­ Jen Contino, WIZARD EDGE



Enola Gay is a team of super-humans, all of who were chosen for their various talents. These are the Ochosen' ones, many test subjects before them died in the creation process because they couldn't handle their powers:

AMERICAN ­ SUPER-HERO: The embodiment of the square-jawed, muscled-up super-hero. THE face of Enola Gay.

YOUNG AMERICAN ­ a good-looking side-kick created by the Government in collaboration with marketing people in order to appeal to the youth of the country and to portray a Ogood' image.

ICON ­ SUPERHEROINE: The female equivalent of American ­ chosen for her looks so she too can appear on posters looking great.

HEAVYWEIGHT ­ MUSCLED-UP: imagine an 8 feet tall Mike Tyson with super-powers. That's HEAVYWEIGHT. Scary.

BURNER ­ PYROTECHNIC: Psychotic, unattractive and relegated to the back of the publicity photos, BURNER is an unpredictable and powerful nasty piece of work.

CONFUSION ­ TELEPATHIC: Scary-looking bald, anorexic freak CONFUSION has been driven mad by her powers and is a most unlikely looking super-human.

Cla$$war (priced rrp £2.15) is among the first titles from com.x to be stocked in Borders stores nationwide from early March 2002. com.x titles Puncture#3, Bazooka Jules#3 will also be available and the distribution will be celebrated by a series of instore events throughout April and May. Further details to be released.

COM.X DOB 04/2001In April 2001, com.x a radical British publishing company launched its first titles and established itself as the first publisher of its kind to launch in the UK for 25 years. In what has been one of the most dramatic years, the company is about to release a raft of new titles including: Puncture#3 (February), Bazooka Jules#3 (April), Sky Between Branches (April), Codename: Babetool (Spring), Issue#Zero (Autumn).

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