A Classic Catwoman Returns on Artgerm's Latest Variant

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau has unveiled his latest variant cover for DC's upcoming Catwoman #12, which homages Catwoman's appearance back in 1947's Batman #42.

Artgerm has produced several Catwoman variant covers to date. He shared this most recent cover, which he designed to reference one of Selina Kyle's classic costumes, on his Twitter account.

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Catwoman's first appearance wasn't in Batman #42, but rather Batman #1. Here, Artgerm is referencing the first appearance of Catwoman's costume rather than the character herself. Catwoman's first appearance featured a drastically different looking costume, which was later replaced with this more popular one.

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Artgerm also confirmed he will create two more covers before finishing his run of Catwoman covers. Additionally, his last cover will feature another throwback to an older costume. In the meanwhile, fans can only speculate what costume Artgerm will reference in his upcoming issue. Hopefully, this cover will tide them over until then.

Catwoman#10 goes on sale April 10. The issue is written by Joelle Jones, penciled and inked by Fernando Blanco and Joelle Jones and colored by John Kalisz. Its covers are illustrated by Laura Allred and Joelle Jones in addition to Artgerm's variant, as seen above.

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