Classic Catwoman and Lex Luthor figures get super-sized

After bringing that retro-style 12-inch Deadpool 12 to Comic-Con International last month, Gentle Giant is back to unveil two more jumbo figures -- one from its Batman: The Animated Series line, the other from DC Super Powers.

Based on the 5-inch action figure introduced in 1993 by Kenner, the 1/6th-scale Catwoman stands 11 inches tall, and comes complete with a retro-inspired backer card, resealable package, and a feline companions. Although no release date has been announced, Catwoman will find a place on shelves next to Robin and The Joker from the BTAS jumbo line.

For the second figure, Gentle Giant reaches all the way back to 1984 and the DC Super Powers Collection: Digitally modeled from the original figure and then scaled up to 12 inches, Lex Luthor also comes in a resealable package. Set to arrive in the second quarter of 2016, Lex will join The Flash and Wonder Woman in Gentle Giant's DC Super Powers jumbo line.

Both figures are available for preorder for $90 each.

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