<i>Clash Of The Titans</i> Sequel Is Set For Post-Production 3D Conversion

When a child puts his or her hand on a lit stove and learns for the first time what heat is, you sit down and try to salve the pain with soothing words. But when that same child goes after the same fire for a second time, there's considerably less sympathy.

In this case, the Clash of the Titans series is the child and the hot, searing flame is its wholly underwhelming post-production conversion to 3D. For any of its other flaws, the movie's 3D effects, and the higher ticket prices attached to them, left just about every viewer angry, headache-stricken or both. Despite that, Wrath of the Titans director Jonathan Liebesman said in a recent interview with Moviefone that another 3D conversion is in the cards for the sequel.

"I think what you have to remember is the first film was neither shot nor edited with 3D in mind," he said. "It was shot as a 2D movie and edited as a 2D film, and they decided to convert it with six or seven weeks to go until release, which is insane; the technology was not there. That's why we're conceiving it from the start, from the ground up, in 3D, editing in 3D for 3D."

I don't know enough about the technology to say that I'm still skeptical, but I can tell you that the burn mark left by Clash still stings. The last thing any of us want is another movie that leaves us feeling disoriented and headachey. There's enough of that going on in the world of 2D-only releases.

For his part, Liebesman said that he resisted the conversion idea at first, but was subsequently sold when Warner Bros. showed him the advances that have been made in the 3D post-conversion arena. "Now that we're sort of conceiving the film for 3D, we're shooting it in 1.85:1 as opposed to 2.35:1, and going to convert. I'm comfortable with the conversion. But for the genre, I just feel like I have to shoot on film; I don't know, it just has that texture."

In related news, ComingSoon reports that shooting on the sequel is expected to begin in 10 days. "It's going to be a much more natural gritty, grounded fantasy movie," Liebesman told the website. "Just think Gladiator with lots of creatures, I'm excited. It's a good opportunity to do something awesome with some great actors in a great genre."

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