<i>Clash Of The Titans</i> Sequel Is Called <i>Wrath Of The Titans</i>

Mountains out of molehills, that's how we fill slow news days. Only in this case, it's more like making an anthill out of a dust mote. The upcoming Clash of the Titans sequel, which has been operating under the working title of Wrath of the Titans, now has an official title: Wrath of the Titans. The news comes from the Exhibitor Relations Twitter feed, which doesn't have much more to say on the matter.

I don't either. There's still really no good argument for why this movie should be made, other than the original's profitable showing at the box office. Many of you will argue that that's more than enough -- and plenty of Hollywood execs will surely agree -- but I'm not on board. You're all welcome to try convincing me otherwise, but unless you can lose the post-production conversion to 3D and drop director Jonathan Liebesman, who helmed the detestable Battle: Los Angeles, you'll be fighting a losing battle.

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