<i>Clash Of The Titans</i> Sequel Eyes <i>Los Angeles</i> Director

A Clash of the Titans sequel is on the fast track, according to 24 Frames. More successful commercially than it was critically, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are looking to fix some of the mistakes of the predecessors by shooting the film in 3-D from the ground up rather than resorting to retroactive conversion — something that earned the film a tough reputation amongst movie critics.

Warners is also seeking out a new director for the project, as Louis Leterrier has tapped out of the sequel. The top choice is reportedly Jonathan Liebesman, the director behind 2006's Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel and the forthcoming sci-fi action flick Battles: Los Angeles starring Aaron Eckhart. Liebsman has another fantasy action film in the works with Warner Bros: a reimagined Odysseus with the producers of 300 helping to steer the film's direction. Would Liebsman helming both an Odysseus film and a Clash sequel be too much mythology for one man to handle? I guess we'll find out.

According to the report, the big reason that Warners and Legendary are putting Clash of the Titans 2 on the fast track centers on leading man Sam Worthington. He's committed to shooting an Avatar sequel, likely to occur later in 2011, so his schedule needs to be free and clear. As a result, a Clash sequel could begin filming as early as January 2011.

Source: 24 Frames

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