Clash Of The Titans Sequel Casts Ares And Other Gods

Lots of updates on the Wrath of the Titans front today. The Clash of the Titans sequel is on the verge of identifying some of its newest Gods, including the war-mongering Ares.

The Wrap reports that Carlos star Edgar Ramirez is in negotiations to take on the role of Ares for Wrath. Having starred as convicted murderer and infamous Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal in the nearly five-and-a-half hour biopic Carlos, let's just say that Ramirez knows a thing or two about violence and war. I'm disappointed that Javier Bardem is apparently taking a pass on the role, but Ramirez is much more than an adequate runner-up.

In addition to Ramirez, The Sorcerer's Apprentice actor Toby Kebbell is close to accepting an offer to play Agenor, the son of Poseidon, while Pirates of the Caribbean's Bill Nighy is being courted to star as Hephaestus, the son of Zeus and Hera. Various actresses are in contention for the role of Princess Andromeda, with Captain America co-star Hayley Atwell considered the current front-runner for the gig. Other actresses up for the part include Georgina Haig, Janet Montgomery, Dominique McElligott and Clemence Posey.

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