Clash of the tartans: Kiltmaker debuts superhero-inspired line

A century-old Scottish kiltmaker has unveiled a line of tartans inspired by Marvel and DC Comics superheroes.

It's part of an effort by Paisley, Renfrewshire-based Houston Kiltmakers to spur interest in the traditional garments among a younger audience.

"I just did this to try and get to a younger generation and try to involve them with the tradition," Stuart Davison, the company's head of marketing, tells The Scotsman. "It’s a bit of an older generation thing at the moment.”

Houston's tartans match the superheroes' color schemes: the Incredible Hulk's is purple and green; Superman's is blue, red and yellow; Iron Man's is red, gold and blue; Batman's is black, gray and blue; Wolverine's, going with his old-school look, is yellow, blue and red; Robin's is red, green and yellow; and Spider-Man's is red, blue and white.

A poll on the company's website show the Batman and Hulk designs are by far the most popular; poor Robin is a distant last place.

BBC News reports Houston has received quite a few comments asking for tartans inspired by female superheroes, like Supergirl, so the company is considering expanding its line.

However, these tartans aren't for the casual comic book fan: They specially commissioned and woven for £1,000 each, or about $1,530 U.S.

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