Clash of the autobio titans: Harvey Pekar & Alison Bechdel at UCLA

Fun Home's Alison Bechdel and American Splendor's Harvey Pekar can be ranked alongside Persepolis's Marjane Satrapi and Maus's Art Spiegelman (to the extent Maus is autobiographical) as the cartoonists whose autobiographical comics have made the biggest splash in the larger pop-cultural pond. So it must have been a real treat to hear the pair talk about their comics, their lives, and the intersection of the two at UCLA last Friday. Fortunately, CBR's Tom Gastall was there to tell us all about it today. In addition to talking about process and success, Bechdel and Pekar tease their next projects -- Bechdel's working on a memoir about the making of Fun Home, while Pekar's got a political work called "How I Lost My Faith in Israel" on the horizon. Should be plenty of grist for discussion. Go read!

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