Claremont & Smith reunite for Ororo in 'X-Men Unlimited #39'

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[X-Men Unlimited #39]Ever since he was handed X-MEN UNLIMITED, associate editor C.B. Cebulski hasstrived to offer a different experience to fans of the ever-popular mutants.This November, as the title upgrades to a monthly schedule, Cebulskidelivers an extra-special treat when a trio of talented teams focus on theweather-manipulating Storm!

"In X-MEN UNLIMITED #39, three different creative teams tell three differentstories about three different periods of the Windrider's life," explainedCebulski. "All stories are new reader friendly and accessible to X-Men fansof all ages."

Cebulski has supplied a rundown of the tales:

"In the first story, written and penciled by Jason Pearson, The Master ofMagnetism has picked the wrong day to visit Ororo as he catches her in atime of grief. It's Storm vs. Magneto, as the deadliest mutant on the planetis about to find out why it is unwise to cross the weather-controllinggoddess!

In chapter two -- by writer J. Torres and penciler Keron Grant -- Storm,after suffering injury and humiliation at the hands of Khan in the mostrecent issues of X-TREME X-MEN, needs some personal time for peace of mindand healing. As she travels to Japan for some R&R, she finds she isunwelcome there as the hot-tempered Sunfire bars her entry to the country.But she is no longer the Storm that Sunfire remembers -- and he quicklybecomes an unwilling victim to her more aggressive nature!

Finally, in story three, it's a tale that X-Men readers have been waitingnearly 20 years for! Yes, after nearly two decades, the classic UNCANNYX-MEN creative team of Chris Claremont and Paul Smith reunite for a newstory! In an adventure that fans have been clamoring for, Chris and Paulfinally reveal what happened between UNCANNY X-MEN #173 and #174. Witnessfirst-hand Storm's amazing transformation into the leather-clad, mohawkedpunk rocker! What caused Storm to undergo this startling change in Japan?Find out for the first time here!"

Sporting a cover by Chris Bachalo, X-MEN UNLIMITED #39 goes on sale November27th. The initial order cut-off date for this issue is October 4th, with afinal order cut-off date of November 7th.

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