Claremont, Hama and Keith Returning For Wolverine: Exit Wounds

Comics legends Chris Claremont, Larry Hama and Sam Keith will pen stories in an upcoming one-shot titled Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1.

The legendary creators will return for the one-shot, which is in celebration of Marvel's upcoming 80th anniversary. Wolverine: Exit Wounds will feature covers from Ryan Stegman, Rob Liefeld and Sam Keith.

Claremont's story will see him reunited with artist Salvador Larroca. Claremont described his story to Newsarama, saying, "Set during the last scenes of the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, this character-driven short story takes Wolverine, Kitty, and Yukio to new adventures. Wolverine is the best he is at what he does, but what he does best is..."

You can read the issue's solicit and see its three covers below.


  • Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, Sam Keith (W)
  • Salvador Larroca, Sam Keith, and more! (A)
  • Cover by Ryan Stegman
  • WOLVERINE LEGENDS, Chris Claremont, Larry Hama & Sam Keith REUNITE!He goes by many names… Patch…Weapon X…Logan…but most just call him THE WOLVERINE. Join Marvel’s greatest storytellers for three brand-new untold tales of the X-Men’s deadliest member. Blood, broads, and blades… you asked for it, bub!

Claremont is known for his run on Uncanny X-Men between 1975 and 1991, during which time he penned such classics as "The Dark Phoenix Saga" and "Days of Future Past" with John Byrne. Hama worked on several books centered around X-Men characters, including Wolverine. Keith served as both writer and artist on Wolverine/Hulk.

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Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1 will release in June.

(via Newsarama)

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