"Civil War's" Anthony Russo Teases De-Aged Robert Downey Jr. Scene

As part of an in-depth press event for "Captain America: Civil War," the members of #TeamIronMan answered a number of questions about the upcoming Marvel movie. During the course of the question and answer session, director Anthony Russo revealed that the film will include a scene wherein Robert Downey Jr. plays a 20-year-old Tony Stark. The reveal came as part of an answer Russo gave about how the technology used to make this film has progressed

"I think part of the popularity of big, special effects-driven movies these days is the fact that the technology has reached such an incredibly high level, and every couple years it changes," said Russo, who directed "Civil War" along with his brother Joe Russo. "You sort of reap the benefits and you sort of push forward on every film. I mean, this movie has a very remarkable sequence I think where Robert Downey Jr. plays a 20-year-old man, which is pretty incredible. He plays someone who is around the age he was when we first saw him on the screen."

Downey Jr. added that the effect was the product of "very expensive nostalgia."

"It took us months and months of work on that shot to make it work," explained Russo. "It's just very complicated taking the human face and changing the human face in a way that looks realistic. In fact, it was the last shot we completed in the movie. We just dropped it into the movie maybe five days ago."

This isn't the first time this technology has been used in a Marvel movie, however. Last year's "Ant-Man" opened with a scene set in the late '80s featuring a young version of Hank Pym as played by Michael Douglas.

You can see Anthony Russo's comments in the video below, starting at the 3:19 mark. "Captain America: Civil War" opens on May 6.

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