"Civil War II: X-Men" #2 Features Fan-Favorite Mutant, Teases Major Return(s)

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Civil War II: X-Men" #2, which is on sale now.

The X-Men's "Civil War II" tie-in mini-series from Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo continues today with the release of its second issue. Now that Magneto and Storm both know about the existence of Ulysses, the young Inhuman that has been gifted with the ability to profile the future, this issue sees them acting on that information. Storm's "Extraordinary" team kicks off the issue by stopping the Brood from invading Earth. Their skirmish also features Captain Marvel, a subtle nod to the original "Brood Saga" story which featured a human Carol Danvers among the X-Men's ranks. Captain Marvel and Storm disagree on how to prepare for Magneto's eventual reaction to Ulysses; after all, Carol reasons, Ulysses has already been kidnapped once (by Iron Man) and Magneto's villainous past indicates he could try something more drastic. Storm, however, wants to believe Magneto won't act rashly.

Magneto, wishing to get more intel on Ulysses, sends his cover operative Fantomex on a reconnaissance mission to New Attilan. But, as the French spy soon discovered, he was not the only intruder lurking in the island city's shadows. Enter: Gambit.

It turns out that Storm sent her own covert agent to New Attilan just to keep an eye out for Magneto's covert agent. The Ragin' Cajun then met the French mercenary in battle, with the two trading blows and quips while Fantomex masked their presence from Inhuman guards via his misdirection power. But even though Fantomex got in a headbutt and swept Gambit's leg, Storm's agent pulled out a victory by kinetically charging Fantomex's gun.

Gambit swept Fantomex up and departed New Attilan, alerting Storm that her instincts were right: Magneto is planning to make a move.

Back in Magneto's Savage Land headquarters, one of his own defected to Storm's side; Psylocke, upset that Magneto sent Fantomex to New Attilan, hopped in a jet and left to join Storm. When Monet tells Magneto of this development, Magneto doesn't sweat it. Instead, he alludes to the possible return of a prominent mutant to the X-Books.

Magneto hints that his side will add another psychic to their roster, which means that one of two major X-characters could appear in the tie-in limited series. First, writer Cullen Bunn is a noted fan of prominent X-Men psychic Rachel Grey. Second, it's possible Magneto is referring to his old teammate Emma Frost. The return of either character would be a big deal, as neither of them have been seen in a long time. Both characters have been absent since before "Secret Wars," and their current whereabouts remain unknown.

"Civil War II: X-Men" #3 arrives in stores on August 17.

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