"Civil War II: The Fallen," "The Accused" Covers, Creative Teams Unveiled

Warning: Major spoilers follow for this week's "Civil War II" #3...

Marvel Comics has declassified the covers and creative teams for "The Fallen" and "The Accused" one-shots in light of "Civil War II" #3, which saw the death of Bruce Banner (a.k.a. the original Hulk) at the hands of Hawkeye.

As revealed to ComicBook.com, "The Fallen" will cover the impact of Banner's death on his family and friends, and include the character's funeral. The site notes that the funeral will be significantly less-attended than James Rhodes/War Machine's funeral earlier in "Civil War II," and accompanied by a group of protestors who are "...determined to make sure the many deaths the Hulk caused in his lifetime are not forgotten."

Longtime "Hulk" scribe Greg Pak is writing the issue with "All-New X-Men's" Mark Bagley on art duties. Along with the main cover by Leinil Yu, "The Fallen" variant covers by Mike Del Mundo and Hulk co-creator Jack Kirby have been unveiled.

"The Hulk family -- including Amadeus, Rick, Jen, Skaar, Betty, Ross, and the Warbound -- are the folks who knew Banner the best -- and each will respond to his death in his or her own way," Pak said of "The Fallen." "And yes, they're a family, so we'll see them grapple with all of this together, for better or for worse."

As for "The Accused," writer Marc Guggenheim and artists Garry Brown & Ramon Bachs are set to offer up the story of Hawkeye's trial in the fallout of his murder of Banner. The one-shot sees Hawkeye enlist the help of Matt Murdock (a.k.a. Daredevil) to serve as his prosecutor.

ComicBook.com debuted both covers for "The Accused" by artists David Mack and Fiona Staples.

In searching for the truth behind Banner's death, Murdock will stumble upon a mysterious conspiracy in "The Accused" that Guggenheim says has something to do with the first "Civil War's" Superhero Registration Act. "I'll say that it has something to do with the Superhuman Registration Act -- the piece of legislation that was the flashpoint (am I allowed to say flashpoint?) of 'Civil War' 1. I like the idea that there's a little connection back to the original 'Civil War.'"

"Civil War II: The Fallen" and "Civil War II: The Accused" hit stands in August.

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