Civil War II Finale Issue Pushed Back To December

Civil War II 8

The end of Marvel’s "Civil War II" has been delayed, with the eighth and final issue of the event series now due December 28. "Civil War II" #8 was originally solicited to arrive in stores on November 2. The event was initially scheduled to end with the arrival of "Civil War II" #7 on October 19, but an additional issue -- #8 -- was added.

As we reported in mid-August, writer Brian Michael Bendis announced that the series had been delayed to the birth of artist David Marquez’s son, which had slowed his progress to a page a day as he focused on the addition to his family. Bendis also took that opportunity to announce that Marvel had added an eighth issue to the series, further delaying its finale.

“David [Marquez] has been handing in about a page a day for the last couple of weeks so we’re getting back on track,” wrote Bendis on Tumblr. “So much so that Marvel greenlit an 8th issue for us. I came up with a better ending but needed the pages. Very grateful that they let us do our thing.”

As of now, "Civil War II" #5 is due September 21, with issue #6 following on October 26 and #7 due on November 30. Civil War II: The Oath, has also been delayed and will ship on December 28 as well, instead of October 26, as initially announced.

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