"Civil War II" #4 Contains Massive Reveals, Reunions, Returns & More

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Civil War II" #4, which is in stores now

Any worries that "Civil War II" might be out of big reveals following last month's one-two punch with Hawkeye and the Hulk have turned out to be unfounded. Today's chapter in the mega Marvel event from Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez is jam-packed with big moments as more and more story elements are revealed and advanced, and more characters than ever get involved in the battle.

"Civil War II" #4 has a number of show-stopping moments in it, so many that we think it's best to just run through all of them bullet-point-style. Here are the major takeaways that we spotted from today's massive issue.

  • She-Hulk's back. After being injured by a rogue missile in a battle with Thanos in the opening chapters of this storyline, Jennifer Walters has regained consciousness -- just in time to learn that her cousin, Bruce Banner, is dead. But that's not all; Jen's appearance seems to have shifted some, as she now has grayish skin and glowing green scars. Whether or not this change is permanent remains to be seen, as it's not addressed by the script.

  • Hawkeye walks. Last issue saw Clint Barton stand trial for killing Bruce Banner, and we learn this month that the Avenging archer was deemed not guilty. We will learn more about the trial, and why Clint Barton got off, in Marc Guggenheim and Ramon Bachs' one-shot "Civil War II: The Accused" next month.

  • Tony Stark also reveals what he learned about Ulysses' visions of the future after he mapped the Inhuman's brain. Ulysses doesn't see the future, as the future is not yet formed; instead, his brain instinctively absorbs and analyzes the energies of the entire world to create the most likely scenarios of the future. Tony's finding was corroborated by the Beast.

    • Towards the end of the issue, we finally get the moment that all "Civil War" comics lead towards: one group of heroes standing, prepared to do battle with another lineup of heroes. This is the clearest and largest demonstration of the two opposing sides in this series to date.

    • But Carol Danvers' side isn't complete: when Tony says she'll need more power, she introduces his army to her newest recruits -- the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    "Civil War II" #5 arrives in stores on August 31.

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