Civil War Concept Art Showcases Falcon/War Machine Face-Off

"Captain America: Civil War" concept artist Josh Nizzi has posted several pieces of his work for the film on his official website, offering up an artistic glimpse at scenes and characters that were later reimagined in glorious live-action.

Among the newly revealed pieces of art are images that showcase the now-classic Falcon/War Machine showdown. Additionally, Nizzi shows off an up-close look at Falcon's tech, his trusty "bird," Redwing, Hawkeye's gauntlet, designs for Iron Man's Mark XLVI Armor and images of alternate "Winter Soldiers" kept at the Siberian Hydra base.

Take a look at the new "Civil War" concept art in a slideshow, below:

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"Captain America: Civil War" is currently available to purchase on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

(via ComicBook.com)

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