"Civil War" And Joe Quesada To Be Featured On ABC World News Tonight Webcast!

Official Press Release

Update: ABC now has an Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada will be the special guest on a webcast for ABCNews.com. A part of the ABC News family, World News Tonight is going to broadcast an interview with Marvel's Editor-in-Chief about the upcoming Civil War event and its connections to real world issues of today. The webcast will begin broadcasting live on Tuesday, May 2nd at 3pm EST and will be available anytime after 4pm. It will also be available on iTunes.

Go to the following to view live at 3pm or see repeats starting at 4pm. The webcast will also be available through iTunes.

Civil War continues to receive a tremendous amount of mainstream attention. Since the project was announced, Civil War has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers all across the country. The following is just the latest in the flood of Civil War articles with its on sale date quickly approaching.

· NPR'S TALK OF THE NATION on Tuesday, May 2nd at 2:40pm EST

· NEW YORK TIMES article to hit Wednesday

· PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS article to hit Wednesday

· Metro News

· Asbury Park Press, NJ

· Deseret News, UT

· Boston Herald, MA

· Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, IN

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Art by Michael Turner and Aspen Studios


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Art by Steve McNiven


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