Civil War #5 - A Slight Perforation of the Internet

It has become customary for folks to talk about the latest issue of whatever the big crossover us at the moment, just because it usually is the one making the biggest waves with fans. So I figure I'd pop in with my thoughts on Civil War #5.

I believe my thoughts can be summed up with essentially one word (but don't worry, I will provide more than just that one word):


I mean, don't get me wrong, I suppose this was an improvement over #4, because I really disliked #4, but really, so little of note actually happens in this comic.

Any big event comic where the biggest moment is the death of Jester and Jack O'Lantern (the latter, by the by, is, like, the nineteenth Jack O'Lantern) is getting a bit sparse on the big moments.

Steve McNiven's art was quite nice, but I think it probably is a bit silly to go bi-monthly so McNiven can draw what amounted to a fill-in issue in the middle of the storyline.

There were a couple of nice moments, like Johnny and Sue having to pretend to be husband and wife. Creepy, but hilarious.

But really, most of the comic is either silly or boring. "Punisher's here? FINALLY we can storm the Baxter Building!!" Huh? Where did THAT come from? When did Punisher become Mister Miracle? So bizarre.

Also, I love Punisher's revelation that HE was Ski-Mask Man!! Which would probably be a bit more dramatic if Ski-Mask Man didn't make his first appearance at the END of the LAST issue. How odd was THAT?

Almost as odd as everyone talking about "the final battle." Their dialogue was like exposition captions, only it was actually DIALOGUE. "The final battle is coming. We must prepare for the final battle." Lordy.

And while the coin Daredevil gave to Iron Man might be, like, a bomb or something else for future issues - at the moment, all it was was a cool line that didn't make for the best of endings.

One TOTAL nitpick. When they were chasing the Invisible Woman, shouldn't they have been in infra red the entire time, so she wouldn't gain any advantage by turning invisible?

Anyhow, this issue wasn't as actively bad as last issue, so I guess that's an improvement, but man, it's not all that interesting, either.

So I would not recommend this comic.

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