Citzens for Batman: "Major Show of Force" in NYC & Chicago on Tuesday

The Citizens for Batman will host what they are calling "a major show of force" in New York City, NY and Chicago, IL tomorrow, July 8 2008 at 10:00PM Eastern and 9:00PM Central, respectively. Nothing is known about what will occur at these gatherings. The locations are as follows:


The New York meeting will take place in or around Thomas Paine Park. The Chicago meeting will take place on S. Upper Wacker Drive, about a block north of the Sears Tower, between W. Monroe Street and W. Adams Street.

Those who cannot attend should be able to observe the proceedings on the Citizens for Batman website.

Previous gatherings related to "The Dark Knight" and its popular alternate reality game have through a series of websites, clues and sometimes cakes led fans and journalists to IMAX screenings of the film's opening sequence, debuts of new trailers, interactive Joker-themed acitvities complete with makeup, and other such events. With just ten days remaining until the film's opening on July 18, it's anybody's guess what attendees can expect.

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