"City of Heroes" Soon to be Free-to-Play

NCSoft, the creators behind the widely popular MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) "City of Heroes," are reworking the game as a new free-to-play title, renamed "City of Heroes Freedom." The game will still include a number of options similar to what players are used to now, however, along with optional subscription services.

When players first sign up for "Freedom," they'll be able to set up to two different characters for their account, choosing from eight different classes. Players will also be able to power up their character to level 50 and gain access to 45 zones, where they can take part in various missions and raids. A full breakdown between free, Premium and VIP player attributes are available at the official "City of Heroes Freedom" page.

Returning "City of Heroes" veterans will be presented with all these options, along with everything they've acquired in the previous iteration of the game, including any accumulated Veteran Rewards. The VIP program will have these goodies, along with an additional 400 Paragon Points to spend each month in the in-game store, exclusive expansion content and free character transfers.

There is no word yet on the pricing plan for these options, but NCSoft has promised more information to be released over the next few months. "City of Heroes Freedom" will be available for PC later this year.

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