City of Dust: A Philp Khrome Story

Collecting the critically acclaimed five-issue miniseries from the dark mind of 30 Days of Night creator STEVE NILES! A chilling vision of the future reveals a world where police now patrol for Crimes of the Imagination, including stories of fiction, fable and religion. Homicide detective Philip Khrome doesn't enforce Imagination...but when a brutal killing spree strikes his city, Khrome finds himself face to face with a perpetrator who has merged reality with superstition-and society itself may hang in the balance.

Lauded by Ain't It Cool News as "another impressive debut in both story and art," this deluxe trade paperback edition features an interview with Niles, a stunning new cover by painter Clint Langley, production renderings and covers by Langley, Arthur Suydam, Nick Percival, and more!

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