City of Bane Writer Tom King Teases a Batman vs Hush Showdown

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As writer Tom King's Batman run is nearing its close, readers will see the events of the City of Bane reach a highpoint soon. To add to those high stakes and expectations, a showdown between Batman and Hush is on the horizon.

King tweeted a preview of Batman panels showing Batman and Hush preparing to battle each other. King writes, "Coming up in Batman. Damn." He highlights the panels' artists John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson and Tomeu Morey.

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In the preview, Batman and Hush face each other on a rainy night in Gotham. The tension is heightened by close-ups of the men's fist as well as weapons being drawn.

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The showdown between the two has been building since Hush's first appearance in Batman #609. A young Tommy Elliot attempted to kill his parents for their family fortune, and his plan was halfway successful before Thomas Wayne ended up saving his mother. Elliot carried a grudge against the Wayne family even after becoming a successful Gotham surgeon. This grudge led to Tommy teaming up with the Riddler and becoming the menacing Hush, who was recruited in Batman #70 to be on Bane's police force.

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King's run ends with Batman #85, but no release date has been announced.

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