Citizens for Batman Plan "Major Show of Force" + New Poster

CBR News received this afternoon another package from the organization identifying itself as Citizens For Batman. The contents included stickers, a T-shirt and keychain, along with a small note from a Brian Douglass, who indicates that a "major show of force" will be demonstrated on July 8, and that more information can be gleaned from citizensforbatman.org, where there is a countdown clock and a blog tracking the Batman's activities.

Visitors may be able to deduce some intent from the postings on the site's message board.

The full text of the note is as follows:

Citizens for Batman!

It's time to go public. To really defend Batman, we have to show the world how big our movement is. So chec out the goodies inside and show your bride in CBB!

And get ready for a MAJOR show of force July 8th. (check out citizensforbatman.org for the latest).

Defend Gotham, Defend Batman!

Brian Douglass

Founder, Citizens for Batman

This package comes after a previous communique from the mysterious group that included a rubber Batman-like mask.

More on this as it develops.

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