Citizen Press Kicks Off with "Johnny Repeat"

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MARCH 28, 2006 (LOS ANGELES, CA) - Publisher Elizabeth James announced today that her new maxi-media company, Citizen Press, plans to deliver its first dose of "Entertainment for the People" in July 2006 with the release of Johnny Repeat, a 96-page black-and-white graphic novel.

A sprawling mystery woven into an intense human drama packaged into a non-linear narrative, Johnny Repeat is a story of second chances that debates the eternal question:

If you woke up one day in your past remembering everything leading up to the present, would you make a new future?

Fumbling for enlightenment and redemption in the damnedest of places, this clue-riddled scavenger hunt features an ensemble of broken souls led by Johnny Repeat, a mysterious could-be prophet harboring a dark secret, an overflow of strange knowledge, and a mind blowing agenda. His associates include a sexaholic with a grudge, an immortal femme fatale, and a cowardly bum who may have played a game of Dungeons & Dragons too many.

Intended as the first in a series of graphic novels, Johnny Repeat is written by Elizabeth's husband, creator Jason James. "Jason originally introduced me to Johnny, Nate, The Woman with No Name, and the rest during a two hour drive in L.A. traffic," said Elizabeth. It took the entire trip. "The way Jason has thrown together this recipe of characters, chronology, and themes, it's like Lost, Dune, and 100 Bullets had a lovechild with Sergio Leone all signed-up to be the godfather."

Johnny Repeat also boasts an incredible mix of distinguished and up-and-coming artists, featuring a wraparound cover by the legendary Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween) and Dave Stewart (Catwoman: When in Rome), with interior art by Paul Azaceta (Grounded), Fabio Cobiaco (Gunned Down), Bruno D'Angelo (Prey), Mark Dos Santos (Western Tales of Terror), Geof Isherwood (Conan), and Noel Tuazon (Elk's Run). "Yeah, we're packing a pretty serious punch," said Elizabeth. A team effort, each artist is illustrating a chapter or group of related chapters.

"Knowing that my wish list was pretty lofty and already busy working on other projects, I wrote Johnny Repeat in distinct chapters so high-caliber artists could contribute without having to make a 100-page commitment," said Jason. The strategy paid off. However, with all of these different artists, the creator promises there is a stylistic theme tying the talent and story all together. "I'm calling it 'cosmic noir.' I can't wait for everyone to see it!"

Johnny Repeat will premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con this July with a cover price of $12.95. For more information, visit www.citizenpress.net.


Formed in February 2005, Citizen Press is a publishing company dedicated to "Entertainment for the People," producing high-quality graphic novels and comic book-related products to be distributed to the masses through mass-market bookstores, online, and specialty bookshops around the world.

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