Cinar Journeys To "Earth 2" in December

The creative shake-ups in DC Comics' New 52 continue, this time with James Robinson's "Earth 2." Via its blog, The Source, the publisher announced "The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men" artist Yildiray Cinar will fill in as artist for two issues on the "Second Wave" title beginning with "Earth 2" #7 in December. Cinar will replace previously solicited artist Nicola Scott for issue #7.

"I've been reading this book as a fan since issue #1 and feel so honored to be able to be part (in some way) of the restructuring of the new Earth 2!" Cinar told The Source. "Besides that, this is going to be my first collaboration with James Robinson, so needless to say ... there are good times ahead!"

The publisher also revealed Cinar's cover for "Earth 2" #8, which features the foreboding figure of Steppenwolf behind the last remaining Amazon on Earth 2.

The news of Cinar as "Earth 2" fill-in artist comes following the announcement that Alberto Ponticelli will replace Mateus Santoluocco as ongoing artist for "Dial H" and Ivan Reis and Joe Prado will replace Jim Lee as ongoing "Justice League" artists. The situation is reminiscent of the New 52 creative shift that took place before the "Second Wave" hit earlier this year.

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