Cinar Constructs a "Superior Iron Man"

Marvel Comics' Iron Man (AKA Tony Stark) is an engineer who has designed countless fantastic inventions from his namesake battle suit to a car powered by Repulsor technology. He uses these devices to make the world a better place by foiling the schemes of criminals and super terrorists and redefining the way people use technology. As a result of these advances, Tony Stark's adventures can take him almost anywhere.

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This fall, Stark's adventures will get even more wild and unpredictable thanks to the events of "Avengers & X-Men: AXIS" which will cause him to undergo a transformation that washes away all the hard lessons he's learned about humility. The adventures of this new egomaniacal Tony Stark begin this November in "Superior Iron Man" #1 by writer Tom Taylor and artist Yildiray Cinar. CBR News spoke with Cinar about bringing the title character and his new home of San Francisco to life as part of Avengers NOW!

CBR News: Yildiray, for the last few years you've been working almost exclusively for DC Comics. How does it feel to be working on your first ongoing Marvel series, especially given the fact that it stars one of Marvel's most iconic characters?

Yildiray Cinar: It is so exciting. I appreciate the people at Marvel who decided to give me this chance. It is a privilege for me to start working with Marvel on one of their flagship titles. I am happy.

What's it like working with Tom Taylor on "Superior Iron Man?" As an artist what do you enjoy most about his scripts?

I am familiar with Tom's work from "Injustice." I was blown away when I read his first volume. Also he's been doing a great run on "Earth 2," the book which I was involved with for a couple of issues. This is the first time we are working together. I'm so excited about this. His scripts are so much fun to work on.

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Let's move to some of your work on the characters starting with the new silver Iron Man armor Tony will be sporting in this series. What inspired the look of this new suit? Why the silver color scheme?

The idea came from Marvel. They wanted something new and shiny which is related to Tony's behavior for this story. We tried a few alternatives for the color scheme but in the end, everyone decided that this look fits the story very well.

Of course the suit isn't the only thing changing this fall -- you're also drawing Tony Stark with his new "Superior" attitude and outlook. Which elements of Tony's character do you really want to capture and bring forth in your depictions of him?

I would like to capture his egotistical side which is going up in this book. Also he is a handsome and clever guy.

Tony's actions in "Superior Iron Man" bring him into conflict with Daredevil. Who is Daredevil to you as an artist? What do you find most interesting about the character?

Daredevil is a character I feel I can play with easily as he is one of my favorites for a long time. For this book, he is a perfect contrast to Tony. Tony is shiny and Matt is more playing in the shadows.

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Let's move to another character in the book, the city of San Francisco. Which of its qualities do you want to capture? The DC Universe is often populated by fictional cities. How does it feel to be drawing a real, major American metropolis?

It feels good. I think San Francisco is a perfect fit for "Superior." It is a beautiful city. For the work-side, drawing a real city means using more references.

Let's conclude by talking a little more about the overall look of "Superior Iron Man." How does it compare to some of your other recent work? What kind of mood and tone do you want to convey with your pages?

As I am inking this myself, I guess this is going to be one of my strongest works. I am chasing high-level dynamic stuff for action. Also there will be some tech to play with.

"Superior Iron Man" #1 debuts in November from Marvel Comics.

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