<i>Chuck's</i> Josh Schwartz Plotting U.S. Remake of British Hit <i>Misfits</i>

The hit British science fiction comedy-drama, and Hulu sensation, Misfits could be poised for a U.S. remake. Hold on, hold on: Your level of exasperation may ultimately depend on your opinion of such shows as Chuck and Gossip Girl.

That's because, according to Vulture, writer-producer Josh Schwartz  -- he co-created Chuck and developed Gossip Girl for television -- is behind the plan to bring Misfits across the pond. Word is he'll collaborate with Misfits creator Howard Overman on the U.S. version, then take an unusual approach to finding a network: Instead of selling a pitch and then waiting for a green light, they'll write the pilot and shop the finished product to networks later this year or in early 2012.

If you've never seen Misfits, and have somehow missed the roughly 200 Tumblrs dedicated to breakout star Robert Sheehan, it's an offbeat show about working-class teens who, while performing community service, are caught in a freak electrical storm that grants them superpowers.  Instead of teaming up to fight for justice, though, they continue their delinquent ways.

Given that Overman intended Misfits to be a very British take on the U.S. superhero genre, I'm not sure how well the concept will hold up when filtered back through the American prism. That said, it can't be any worse than the U.S. version of Skins, can it?

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