Chuck Star: Shorter Seasons Mean Less Crap

Sick of television shows padding their seasons with unnecessary filler just to make it to 22 episodes a year? Wish that American television would take a leaf out of British television's book? Perhaps you and Chuck's Zachary Levi could form a club.

Talking to Britain's SFX Magazine, Levi loosened his lips on the subject of American television formatting:

I’m quite a big fan of you do guys do things in the UK. I like shorter seasons. I think you should keep an audience wanting more... I think that, you know, when you stretch out seasons and you do any more than 13 episodes, I think it becomes… well, you don’t necessarily have entire episodes that are crap, but you might have pieces of episodes that are crap, certainly. And I don’t want to do that. I want to make a lean, mean season of television where every episode counts, where every episode for the entire episode, means something.

Firstly, now I want to know what parts of which Chuck episodes he thinks are crap. And secondly... He's right, isn't he? Perhaps next year's 13-episode season of Chuck will end up being the best yet, if only because it doesn't have time to suck...

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