Chuck E. Cheese's Is Getting Rid of Its Classic (and Creepy) Animatronics

The kids' restaurant/arcade Chuck E. Cheese's is getting another major brand overhaul, and it's losing the thing its most famous four.

According to Today, the chain will do away with the infamous Munch's Make Believe Band, offering a far less unsettling place to eat your pizza and entertain your children. Along with this huge shift, the company is also doing a major overhaul to its look, pay format and safety formats.

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"Next time you visit your local store, you simply choose the time you want to play, starting at just $9 for 30 minutes of play," a representative for Chuck E. Cheese's said, adding that this new system will help parents keep track of how much they are spending and the location of their children.

Although the restaurant was first known for the "live entertainment" of the animatronic band, as technology and audience taste started to advance, the singing, dancing, furry robots became a little less popular and a lot more antiquated. They became a bit of a running joke for the brand, and this could be why the company decided to abandon the format altogether.

The company first announced it was making changes in 2017, but this latest round of press reveals some major shifts in the business model and general format of the restaurant. Chuck E. Cheese's is going to look very different from what most people remember from their childhood, and the modern updates will embrace technology.

The restaurant's general aesthetic will get an update, as well, offering a sleeker look, better lighting and contemporary signage with a new font. The new play-design will also include an interactive dance floor, with a life-size Chuck E. Cheese wandering around.

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The latest completely redesigned Chuck E. Cheese's opened this week in Skokie, Illinois.

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