Chuck Dixon's 'Invasion '55': A retro-ride into sci-fi

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INVASION '55 becomes the second book in the Chuck Dixon Library series from IDW Publishing. Once again, the prolific Dixon writes a rousing tale of science fiction -- but this time with a retro spin.

The year is 1955. Hidaglo, New Mexico gets a surprise invasion from aliens. It seems Roswell wasn't enough. Now it's Hidaglo's turn to be the ultimate alien truck stop. It must be the dry air and year-round golf that attracts so many aliens to this southwest state.

It's up to a very odd team of humans to tie a knot in the alien's collective butts. You've got a "been there, done that" former Air Force Lieutenant, a biker with a sandpaper soul, a curvy, nervy female reporter and a six-year old boy that wants to be the next John Wayne. It makes you wonder why the aliens haven't already cut bait and ran!

"Retailers will find no problem selling this retro-adventure to any age group. It has the appeal of the great '50s drive-in movies with the hip flair of such modern films as Spy Kids. If I weren't already me, I wouldn't mind being Chuck Dixon," said IDW Publishing's VP of Sales and Marketing, Beau Smith.

Dixon is noted for being one of the finest comic book writers of the last 15 years. His top-notch work has been printed by all of the major comic publishers and his current home is at Crossgen Comics, where he is pumping out such hits as The Way Of The Rat and Sigil. Dixon is joined by the incredible artist Lito Fernandez.

"I've been very pleased with the love and care that IDW Publishing has put into my books. The quality is that of any major book publisher out there, if not better. I'm also glad I'm me. If I were Beau Smith, I'd be... well shorter," said writer Chuck Dixon.

INVASION '55 was originally published by Apple Comics as a 3-issuemini-series. This is the first time the story has been collected. INVASION '55 will be published by IDW Publishing in September 2002. It's 80 black-and-white pages and retails for $12.99.

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